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Welcome to Back In Black, Inc.

Back in Black, Inc. is a software solutions provider that serves the unique needs of Direct Response, ecommerce, and subscription box businesses. We act as a neutral hub for real-time data consolidation, integrating with ecommerce marketplaces, fulfillment warehouses, call centers, customer service centers, payment processors, and media agencies.

Our software solutions can cut down on paperwork and consolidate information into one easy-to-access database, where you can manage inventory, orders, and customer service all at the push of a button.

Using our advanced solutions can change the way you do business. You can manage your daily activities and build processes that are more fluid and accurate. As a result, your team and customers will have access to the information they want and need, improving your performance and strengthening your relationships. A fuller customer service experience will result in happier customers, more referral business, and increased market share.

Strengthen Customer Relationships Manage Business Processes Access Information Anywhere Improve Service & Performance
Increase customer satisfaction by providing access to order, delivery, and payment information real-time. Take control of your daily business and build processes that are more fluid and accurate. Improve business performance with real-time access to information needed to make all key decisions. Tighten the time from order submit to order delivered with proven integrated & automated solutions.