Customer Service

Our Customer Service module gives you a 360-degree view of orders, helping to retain customers and improve customer satisfaction. Use this module when you want to search for customers, update a customer's information, enter an order for a new or existing customer, review customer notes and comments, and view what orders are pending in your queue.

Customer / Order Search

Locate an existing customer or order in the system. You can search for customers or orders by Name, Customer Number, Order Number, Email Address and more. You will also be able to update customers and create new orders using this function.

Product Review

Review the detailed information about a product such as: Product Description, Warehouse location, Inventory Transactions, and Purchasing Activity. Product Review is for viewing only.

Customer Update

The Customer Update function allows you to create and update your customers’ records. You can retrieve an individual customer or an entire list of them.

Customer Comments

Display all of the correspondence and interactions that have taken place with your customers. This report is useful in managing the activity that has taken place.

Order Entry

Create new orders for customers. This function will walk you through the steps needed to create the order and allow you to submit it to the database.

Orders Pending

View all orders that are in a status other than in the warehouse. These order status can be Fraud, Manager Review, On Hold, Future Release Date, etc. This report will be useful to manage the orders that are waiting to be released to the warehouse and that might need some work done to them so they can be shipped.

Customer Service Module - BiBi Solutions