The Setup module allows you to customize the solution to your needs. Use this module to create users, manage and maintain locations, and setup ship methods or pay methods. You can also setup and manage your offers and promotions with Setup. Configure the software to work the way you want it to work!

Ship Methods

You are able to configure the shipping carriers and services you would like to use to ship your products. Choose specific service (Ground, Next Day Air, Second Day, etc.) from our carrier partners DHL, FedEx, UPS and USPS. Not sure what the best service will be for your packages, choose a generic shipping service and let our software pick the best service based on cost or time in transit.

Trading Partners

You are able to setup the companies you would like to do business with via our trading partner functionality. This allows you to custom integrate to trading partners that are not in our integration hub. These trading partners include, but are not limited to, order sources, fulfillment houses, call centers, customer service centers, and B2C customers.


Throughout your sales campaigns, you will want to provide special offers to your customers. The Offers module provides you with the ability to create and share campaigns with your order source providers in order to ensure that those offerings are available to your customers. These offerings may include free shipping, % discount off, $ discount off, and more. You can even set the starting dates and ending dates of your campaigns as well.

Setup Codes

Each company uses different reason for things like returns, rework categories, item category codes, screen labels, credit descriptions and many more common codes can be customer defined. Set the software codes so it is easier for your customers and you to use.

Order import

Deal with order sources that are not in the integration hub and don’t have IT skills? We have that covered with our order import module. You can import large number of orders via a .csv (comma-separated values) spreadsheet. This functionality allows you to map your order fields to our order fields and load them. We also provide you a way to easily fix orders that have problems, missing data, invalid data etc.

Packing Slip Designer

Want to customize your packing slip? This function allows you to create a customized packing slip that can be used to provide additional information to your customers, promote other products to your existing customer and much more. Add your logo, customer service information, pictures, and custom text within minutes!


Use the Administration function to create and manage users, warehouse locations, shipping groups, permissions and more. Manage who has access to the system and what they have access to. These are just a few of the options available to you though this module.

Setup Module - BiBi Solutions