Our Shipping module manages your shipping needs. Use this module to print your packing slips and pick tickets, check the accuracy of your picking (using Auto Check), see the orders that are assigned to your warehouse, look to see if there is inventory available, and determine when there is a warehouse backorder.

Warehouse Backorder

Place an entire order, ordered lines, or quantities within an ordered line on backorder. Use this function when you cannot locate in the warehouse all or part of the items that have been ordered.

Product Review

Review the detailed information about a product such as: Product Description, Warehouse location, Inventory Transactions, and Purchasing Activity. Product Review is for viewing only.

Auto Check

Ensures that every order contains the correct products. Use Auto Check to scan the barcode label of each product (or to manually enter the product number and quantity) as you pack each item on an order. BiBi Solutions checks the entered products against the ordered products, providing accurate packing and preventing the wrong items from being shipped.

Orders Assigned

Displays all of the current orders that are assigned to your warehouse location. This report is useful in determining your current work load or identifying any orders that might have been missed in the shipping process.

Ship Package

Ship confirm orders picked in the warehouse. Ship Package allows you to scan or manually enter the Order Number of the package to be shipped, and to automatically or manually determine the weight of that package before printing a compliant shipping label.

Print Collate

Print or reprint collates (Packing Slips) for all of the orders in your warehouse location. You will use these collates to pick the products from their warehouse location. The collate will also function as the customer’s hard copy invoice. Re-Print collate will allow you to re-print one or all collates in a batch.

Shipping Module - BiBi Solutions